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About CSHA

About Us

Betty Tschritter, CAO
Manager Willow Creek

Elaine Dumont-Hudye, Manager Paragon Place
Resident Services Manager

Sylvie Tremblay, Manager Heart Haven
Human Resources

Board Members 2021-2022

Town of Stettler Sean Nolls (Chair) 403-916-4297

County of Stettler Dave Grover 403-740-2973

County of Stettler James Nibourg (Vice Chair) 403-741-9493

Town of Stettler Travis Randell 403-506-2017(member at large)

Summer Village of Rochon Sands Jay Byer 403-741-6706

Summer Village of  White Sands Ed Waugh 403-740-5184

Village of Big Valley Dan Houle 403-740-5952

Village of Donalda Rick Nelson 403-883-2858

Board Membes
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